Our Work

Since 2008, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching has been at the forefront of an emerging movement in education. Our mission is to promote the methods of improvement science in education and to foster the formation and growth of networked communities dedicated to making headway on longstanding inequities in educational outcomes associated with race, ethnicity, and poverty.

Our work today builds on these efforts of advancing improvement science with thousands of school district leaders, principals, teachers, policymakers, and researchers across the country and around the world. These educational leaders are challenging existing norms, learning new practices of quality improvement, and reinforcing a commitment to improve our nation’s schools. What follows is a brief look at where we are focusing our work.


The Carnegie Foundation partners with a select number of organizations that seek to transform their educational systems.


In the spirit of “learning by doing,” the Carnegie Foundation initiates and supports a number of networks to build the field and advance quality in the enactment of improvement efforts.

Field Building

The Foundation leads efforts to build competencies and communities in improvement science and networked improvement.

Professional Learning Opportunities

The Carnegie Foundation’s Professional Learning Opportunities are structured to help education professionals develop a deep and action-oriented understanding of networked improvement science.